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Professional Grounds Care Service Crews

Professional Grounds Care Service Crews

We mow tall grass, weeds, underbrush, and finish cut lawns, parks, golf courses and more around Lake Livingston, Texas.

As a professional grounds maintenance service company we hold ourselves to some simple standards. We have professional uniformed staff that are courteous and respectful to our clients, family members, dogs, cats, squirrels, to everyone and everything on or near your property. We believe in communication and will always do our very best to keep you informed about our schedule and events that could affect our valued customers.

Edging Driveways and Sidewalks

The first step in cleaning up the lawn and landscape of your property is to edge around your driveway, sidewalks, and other pathways or defined borders.

A crisp clean cut edge on your sidewalks, driveway, pathways, and flower beds is key to a professionally manicured lawn and landscape. The simple detail of edging around your hardscapes relays the message that you care about your property and how it is presented to the public.

Trimming or Weed Eating around obsticals in your lawn & on your property.

After edging to define your borders it's time to trim the weeds from areas that lawn mowers can not reach.

After we have edged and defined a clean cut border to all of hard edges on your property we follow up with a string trimmer to remove weeds and grass runners that give an unsightly unfinished appearance. We pay special attention because we believe that the details is what sets our company apart from others around Lake Livingston, Texas.

Turf Mowing — Mowing Grass

We will cut the grass, maintain the lawn, and even stripe the lawn if desired. We use the best mowers to cut your grass, turf, and lawn.

We do more than just mow the grass. We care for your lawn. This means that we will pay attention to the quality and health of your lawn. This translates to mowing the grass in alternating patters and informing you the home owner of issues that need to be addressed such as weeding and feeding your lawn for a superior turf. We can even bag or mulch your grass clippings. Do you like a striped lawn? We can stripe your lawn also for an extremely manicured appearance.

Bagging leaves, grass, and thatch

If you have oak trees or other trees that loose their leaves in fall give us a call to vacuum them up and haul them away.

While we who live in Onalaska, Trinity, Livingston, Coldspring, Point Blank, or even Oakhurst don't experience four seasons like those in New England; we do have to deal with leaves, pine needles, and thatch.

Blowing lawn cuttings

After every lawn we mow we blow the grass cutting back into the lawn so they can mulch and feed your lawn.

We blow each lawn after mowing to keep clippings off your driveway, out of the street, and out of your mulched areas. We blow yard clippings into the green spaces so they can decompose naturally and feed your lawn.

Landscape Maintenance

If you ask we can trim hedges, prune trees, mulch, and maintain flower beds if needed.

After all the detailed edging and trimming is completed and the lawn is mowed and blowed we can begin to address a long term landscaping plan. We can weed your flower beds and mulch them also.